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Beef sustainability nutted out

Consensus appears widespread that the four key areas of environmental stewardship, economic resilience, people and the community and animal welfare are where Australia’s beef industry needs to focus to ensure sustainability credentials going forward. Source: Queensland Country Life

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Levi’s Is Radically Redefining Sustainability

For Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co, it’s not enough to simply plant a few trees to offset carbon dioxide or use less toxic dyes. To make a real impact in the world, you need to help change the way people think about clothes. Levi’s has always been a… Read more »

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The woman whose mum inspired her to track ethical food

Jessie Baker thanks her mother for the inspiration to start her company, Provenance. Set up just a few years ago, Provenance says it is lighting a fire under the retail world. The company is based around an app which allows retailers and customers to see where a product comes from, from its origins to its… Read more »

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The Body Shop Got Ethical Consumption Wrong

An activist business can be wildly successful for a while, but it gets hard to stand out when everybody else adopts the same values and mantras. That may help explain French cosmetics giant L’Oreal’s reported interest in selling The Body Shop after 10 years of owning the revolutionary store chain and product line. Source: Bloomberg

Supermarket wars, celebrity chefs, and ethical consumption

The past few years have seen growing media coverage and public awareness in Australia around questions of food provenance and animal welfare while supermarkets have come under considerable public and political pressure over their treatment of Australian farmers and perceived uncompetitive pricing practices. The mainstreaming of ethical concerns cannot be understood simply as a consumer… Read more »

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Fast Retailing to name suppliers, allaying labor concerns

Uniqlo operator Fast Retailing will release information on its contract clothing manufacturers in such places as China and Bangladesh, appealing to shoppers concerned about labor conditions in those countries. Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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Ethical porn — does it exist and who makes it?

Ethical porn can be defined as that which is made legally, respects the rights of performers, has good working conditions, shows both fantasy and real-world sex and celebrates sexual diversity. Source: ABC Radio

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International Congress on Ethics and Tourism 2017 In Poland

In 2017, the tourism sector will celebrate the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. And with that in mind, the third International Congress on Ethics and Tourism will again take place, but this time they will be hosted by Poland on April 27-28, 2017. Source: Travelers Today