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Supermarket wars, celebrity chefs, and ethical consumption

The past few years have seen growing media coverage and public awareness in Australia around questions of food provenance and animal welfare while supermarkets have come under considerable public and political pressure over their treatment of Australian farmers and perceived uncompetitive pricing practices. The mainstreaming of ethical concerns cannot be understood simply as a consumer… Read more »

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Chocolate and child labor practices

Chocolate companies in the United States have taken social responsibility stances to combat child labor practices. Source: Shreveport Times

Paula Arcari presents a paper at Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi, India

Research Assistant and PhD candidate Paula Arcari presented a paper at the thirsd Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi, India in January 2015. The 7-day conference was held at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and covered a range of themes in animal studies including Animals and Culture, Women and Animals, Animal Law and Public Policy, and… Read more »